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What is Arixtra?

Arixtra, a Xa inhibitor with a wide range of indications, including CTE treatment and prophylaxis, deep vein thrombosis, pulmonary embolism and acute coronary syndrome treatment

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Eltroxin (Levothyroxine Sodium) is a hormonal T4replacement therapy

Eltroxin is indicated in Primary and central Hypothyroidism also it is used to treat other types of thyroid disorders (such as certain types of goiters, thyroid cancer)

Eltroxin Strengths are 50 micrograms (0.05 mg) or 100 micrograms (0.1 mg)s

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Eltroxin 50


Imuran (azathioprine) is an Imidazole immunosuppressive antimetabolite and It is an antiproliferative that reduces the proliferation of T and B-lymphocytes

Imuran is available in tablet form for oral administration.

Each scored tablet contains 50 mg azathioprine

Imuran is indicated in the following:

Management of Organ Transplant

Autoimmnune Diseases such as:

  • Severe Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE)
  • Pemphigus Vulgaris
  • Polyarteritis Nodosa
  • Idiopathic Thrombocytopenic Purpura

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Septrin is made up of two different Active pharmaceutical ingredients called sulfamethoxazole(SMX) and trimethoprim(TMP) given the combined name co-trimoxazole.

Septrin is used to treat:

  • Toxoplasma
  • Lung infections (pneumonia or PCP) caused by a bacteria called Pneumocystis jiroveci
  • urinary tract infections
  • Bronchitis
  • Otitis media
  • Genital tract infections
  • Gastrointestinal tract
  • Infections

Septrin is available in the following dosage forms:

  • Oral Tablet : 80/400 (trimethoprim/sulfamethoxazole) tablets 160/800 (trimethoprim/sulfamethoxazole) tablets SEPTRIN DS
  • Oral suspension: 40/200 (trimethoprim/sulfamethoxazole) oral liquid



Zyloric (allopurinol) is the cornerstone for more than 50 years in the treatment of the following:

  • Gouty Arthritis
  • Uric acid lithiasis (Uric Acid Kidney Stones )
  • Neoplastic diseases with high cell turn over

Zyloric is available in oral solid tablet form with two strengths 100mg and 300mg

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