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We firmly believe in the importance of reducing our carbon footprint and actively strive to contribute towards a greener planet. Through the implementation of sustainable practices and initiatives, we aim to make a positive impact on the environment and promote long-term ecological balance. We are consistently searching for innovative solutions and adopting eco-friendly technologies to minimize our impact on the planet.

Reduction of Plastic Consumption

No plastic bottles

No plastic cups

Reduce plastic bags

Reduction of Paper Consumption

Centralized printing station & double-sided printing

Digital Workflow

Digital Transformation

Reduction of Electrical Consumption

Motion sensors in open spaces and bathrooms

LED light bulbs replacing halogen and traditional bulbs

Waste Reduction

Single Office Centralized Recycle Bin with waste separation (Paper, Plastic & Others)

Phoenix mission and vission

Reduction of Paper Consumption

Efforts to transform as much printed work to become digital was achieved through programs and automated systems. Printing was still inevitable; therefore, printing stations are now changed to be centralized and individual printers in offices were removed. Moreover,  all printing is required to be done double sided. As a result, after calculations we were able to reduce our consumption of printing paper down to a 47.5% in 2023.

■ Centralized printing station & double-sided printing
■ Digital workflow
■ Digital transformation

Reduction of Electrical Consumption

In efforts to reduce electrical consumption, lights with motion sensors were installed in open spaces around the head offices and bathrooms to eliminate any light being left turned on with no use. In addition, LED light bulbs were installed instead of halogen and traditional bulbs that were existing. Therefore, significant reduction in the consumption of electricity was observed in 2023 after the changes implemented and so it continues.  

■ Motion sensors in open spaces and bathrooms
■ LED light bulbs replacing halogen and traditional bulbs

Waste Reduction

To reduce waste disposal in the head offices, single centralized recycle bins with waste separation was installed to support employees in being able to separate wastes that can be recycled and reused. Efforts are being done to transform those wastes to be reused by identified producers around Egypt who can reproduce them into usable products.

■ Single office centralized recycle bin with waste separation (Paper , Plastic & Others)